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Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm EDT
house celebration 40 years later. obama hosted the miami dolphins today much the year the dolphins won the superbowl nixon was dealing with that old watergate scandal much the white house honest org wing sport's teams was less of a tradition then than now. never too late to get an invite from the white house. >> an event that was supposed to be about veterans turned a q & a session with bob mc donald wait until you here his testy response. >> they are worth millions who tops the list of the 50 wealthiest law makers on capital hill. >> ordinance of an apartment building spark outrage after telling low income renters they can not use the same entrance as higher income owners. we will be right back. >> fox 5 joins us with the story tom? >> there is about no place gochor mc donald can go without hammered with questions about the gift scandal that was the case today in fairfax the governormented talk about hieshing veterans he flashed a sharp response to reporters who wanted him to talk about his legal trouble. >> peppered by ethic questions over his lingering gift taking schedule. i ca
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. >>> president obama is laying out a plan he says could control the cost of college. c speaking from the state university at new york of buffalo, he called for the government to rank colleges on tuition and college graduation a rates and earnings of graduates. >> student graduates and lower n income students will affect the president's rating and they want the ratings system implementedmt before the 2013 school year. >> not enough colleges are working toen figure out how do t control costs and cut back on costs. so all to students. sticks it to families. but also taxpayers end up paying a bigger price. the average student who borrows for colleges graduates owing more than $26,000. t >> over the next two days president obama will talk about college costs with students in new york and pennsylvania. >> a new poll shows racial equality is not yet a reality. >> according to the pugh centerc research study says the u.s. has made substantial progress andst the pollan thinks blacks and th whites generally get along "pretty well." we blacks continue to substantially lag behind whites when it comesc to
Aug 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
comes after president obamaent a calls for more transparency. trp it's ignited the privacy debate. a poll found that 47 to 41% margmargin, more voters found tt the surveillance does more to hurt americans, than it does to help track down terrorists. after this report, the judiciary chairman plans to hold another hearing on the nsa surveillancel program. >>> three weeks after thethe lincoln memorial was vandalizedd with that green paint, the cleal is now complete. crews washed off the rest of tho pain this morning. a woman charged with defacingng chapels at the national cathedral with green paint ispat also a suspect in the vandalism of the lincoln memorial andal other sites.r we still haven't heard about any motive behind the vandalism. >>> preliminary tests result show blue-green algae is to blame for the fish kill on theko national mall. about 1,000 fish were found dead. experts say the algae only posey a threat to fish, not to people, not to animals, the nationalim park service is working toal cot up with a solution. the pond is at the top of the list for construction upgrades.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3